Our Services

Our services are best exemplified by the projects we do for our clients. The following are several projects that demonstrate the scope of the services we have provide.

New England Clean Energy Connect
Dirigo sited and acquired 45 miles of new corridor and a site for a converter station for this 143-mile HVDC line between the Quebec border Lewiston, Maine. In addition to the siting and acquisition, the aerial imagery, survey and wetlands mapping on the new corridor and portions of the existing corridor were subcontracted through Dirigo. Dirigo also provided support for all phases of the permitting process and compiled a 3000-acre mitigation package, again providing survey and wetlands mapping services through subcontractors for the client. While the NECEC project has been controversial and challenged by a coalition of environmental and fossil fuel organizations, it has stood up to these challenges in a large part because of the careful siting and subsequent support provided by Dirigo.
Maine Renewable Energy Interconnect
This project required the siting and acquisition of approximately 70 miles of corridor for a potential 345 kV transmission line in central Maine. Dirigo developed siting options for the client and has, as of the end of 2020, acquired all of the parcels necessary for the client to proceed with the project. In addition to the siting and acquisition, Dirigo subcontracted aerial imagery, survey and structure removal/site clean-up for the client. Drigo also provided the client acquisition services to eliminate constrictions along an existing transmission corridor in order to facilitate a potential additional 345 kV line.
Maine Power Reliability Program
This project required the building or rebuilding of over 450 miles of 115 kV and 345 kV transmission lines and the construction of five new 345 kV substations. Approximately 1,000 acquisitions were required to complete the project. Dirigo Partners Ltd was one of three real estate subcontractors for the project and the only one awarded a spot on the project from initiation to completion. Dirigo performed all of the 345kV substation real estate acquisition, many of the later, more difficult land acquisitions required for the transmission line and all of the document control regarding all real estate aspects. The experience and expertise that Dirigo brought to the project was a major factor in the low condemnation rate (approximately 1%) for the project.
Electric Capital Delivery
Dirigo Partners Ltd has provided all real estate acquisition services for capital projects for Central Maine Power Company since 2010 as an imbedded contractor. Projects include new corridors for 115kV and 345kV Transmission lines, enlargements of existing corridors, transmission line rebuilds, expansion of existing substations or acquisition of new substation sites and procurement of construction access. Procurement of feasibility studies, determination of right-title-interest, landowner notification, land acquisition, release of third-party rights, closings and document control were some of the services provided by Dirigo under this project.
Financial Indenture Collateral Documentation (FICD)
Dirigo Partners Ltd was asked by the client to provide a database of the client’s real estate assets on short notice to facilitate a multimillion-dollar mortgage. Dirigo was able to organize and staff the project within days of the initial project discussion, create a database, digitize and enter over 20,000 deeds into this newly created system all in the time needed to meet client’s closing schedule.


We would like to talk with you about your real estate needs. Our company size gives us the advantage; all interactions are personal and well documented. We have unfailingly demonstrated the ability to ramp up to meet our client’s needs through our industry contacts, if needed, we can quickly sub-contract from a talented and reliable field, and our innovative solutions are unparalleled.